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Supporting Programs of National Importance

Sam Tucker has a strong commitment to supporting programs of national importance. We offer a broad range of products and solutions to address our customers' most complex and critical mission-related needs.


Serving customers across defense, federal-civilian, and commercial markets worldwide, we deliver innovative, cost-effective, and tailorable solutions that provide affordable readiness and operational availability at minimum lifecycle cost.

Mission Understanding

Our ingenuity starts with the understanding of our customers’ opportunities and challenges. Before we begin the process of designing a solution, we use our deep customer knowledge to define what’s needed to ensure mission success.


From tackling your biggest challenges to satisfying your critical daily needs, our team is agile and passionate about meeting your unique speed, quality and specification requirements. Our extensive, world-class products portfolio offers a broad range of innovative solutions that offer unbeatable comfort and protection abilities across diverse markets, including bedding components, furniture, textiles, packaging, and a wide variety of plastic consumables.

Made in America

Sam Tucker LLC is proud of keeping jobs in America. We operate two manufacturing and warehouse facilities in America where our products are manufactured and assembled. Every component and product we make meets the highest standards for quality and safety.

Operational Excellence

Our commitment to safety and operational excellence is paramount. Our dedication to delivering the highest quality products is unwavering. Our passion to understand how we can help you is our mission.


We are constantly thinking about tomorrow’s challenges today, both from a technology and a supply chain standpoint, and we thrive on continual evolution. Your challenges inspire us, and we live to push the envelope on what we can deliver – and to continue enhancing our core capabilities and our strength as a trusted partner and solutions-provider.


Every site in our nation-wide network has cross-functional capabilities – granting our customers a huge amount of flexibility and reliability, even in the face of an unplanned event. We are experts at short and long-term planning, allowing us to be nimble and responsive in the fast-paced industries we serve.


Our supply chain specialists handle the order administration, packaging, handling, kitting and transportation for your manufacturing operations so you can focus on production.


Our people are our greatest asset and they define who we are and what we do every day. They are responsible for driving our desire to design and manufacture the most advanced comfort, sleep, furniture, automotive, and packaging products in the industry.


Our culture of ingenuity is rooted in our passion for doing what is right and delivering on our commitments. Integrity, respect and trust have been an integral part of our company since day one and are fundamental to our decisions and behaviors.


Redefining ingenuity depends on team entrepreneurialism and empowerment for the good of the enterprise. Ingenuity happens when our people are encouraged to explore, leverage expertise and knowledge from across the company, accept responsibility for outcomes, and hold ourselves and others accountable for results.


We’re redefining ingenuity through our collective creativity. We build on the inventiveness and expertise of our exceptional people and our partners to quickly get to smarter and more innovative solutions.